Be a speaker

We’re always looking for talanted and experienced speakers for our events.

Our previous speakers are talanted designers from highly respected companies such as InUse, Topp, Valtech, King, NetRelations, Crunchfish and many more.

The topic of choice needs to be built around UI/UX Design, Product Design or something else in the area of designing user experiences to truly match our event visitors.

So, if you’re a great designer and also a speaker with an awesome presentation, get in touch with us to get the discussion going.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



Be a good guy – share knowledge

What can be better than to share knowledge and expertise? Not much, according to us.
The Digital UI was founded to be a place to get better and smarter and in the area of UI and UX Design.

Get reputation

By having a presentation at The Digital UI you get a reputation in the design community. A lot of companies sit on great knowledge, but not all of them are willing to share it to others. Our speakers are, and we love them for that.

Get valuable insights

After the presentation we usually open up for a Q&A and let the speakers answer questions from the audience. Maybe you even end up with great feedback that can improve your mindset regarding your topic.

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