Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does it cost to attend?
Nothing. It’s free.


How can it be free to attend?
First of all, we think it should be free to learn stuff. So does our host Foo Café, which in turn their sponsors agree with.
That lets us keep this event free of charge for everyone.


I missed an event. Can i watch it afterwards?
We always have as goal to record our events. You can see most of them here


Will there be served any snacks or food?
Yes, we will serve pizza (also Gluten-free and vegan), beer and soda after the event.


An upcoming event i want to go to is fully booked. Is there any way to get a seat?
Sometimes we open up for a few more seats a few days before the event, and sometimes we get last minute dropoffs. Keep your eyes open!


I know a great speaker that would be perfect for you!
Awesome, contact us with your suggestion and we will take it further. Thanks!

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