Challenges Designing for Touchless Interaction

What if we could add a layer of social intelligence to interactions that change depending on context of who is present? How might we make digital experiences more human by employing methods of empathetic design?

Elinor will shed insight on how to use technology to create meaningful connections that improve the quality of life through a deeper sense of interconnectedness, open innovation and systems thinking. She is currently tackling problems of how to influence the mass market to adopt a technology that is challenging current mental models of individual expression and what it means to deepen the dependency on people and things around you.

About the Speaker


Elinor Samuelsson is the head of user experience design at Crunchfish where she conceptualizes use cases for beacon- and gesture recognition technology. Previously a design consultant in New York where she facilitated ideation workshops within experience design and strategic content development within news-media. Elinor has a BBA in Design Strategies from Parsons the New School for Design.

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